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My Marketing Portfolio / How to build a blogging website for free (step-by-step walkthrough)

This guide will walk you through with building a blog for FREE in 2019

Today, I’m going to show you a VERY simple technique of building a Blog website for FREE.

Although, much has been written about building a blog website online but there is little to negligible information about how to build a blog from scratch without bearing any cost at all .

There are articles online that must have shown you how to buy a web hosting, how to buy domain name, how to install wordpress and write your first blog etc. etc. But in this article, you would be learning two simple techniques that most people use for building a FREE OF COST blog. Infact, I have applied both of these techniques myself and learned one-or-two things about the same.

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Building a blogging website for your career - does that makes sense in 2019?

I am sure, you might’ve heard quite a bit of debate lately about whether a graduate student need to build his own website or not. There are enormous number of talks that have recently surfaced on web where many have argued that having a website makes it easier for you to brand yourself. While many others opined that it requires a serious investment of time and resources to make and manage a blogging website. While I see these arguments as distinct “point-of-views” and would suggest you to build a website so that you can effectively share your work, make notes or communicate with like-minded people. I think websites are great tool to make your network and grow on the ‘personal” as well as “professional” front, but, like all tools, it requires a certain investment of time to manage and use it skillfully. The question should be whether a website can help you achieve your personal, academic or professional goals, rather than one need to build one or not.

Building a blogging website can require little to more technical skills. It can be build in one day using a cms tool such as Wordpress or may take few weeks depend on amount of work require to code the website from scratch. Going forward with a correct choice of website building techniques would require you to map out your purpose – be it for personal or professional use. Whatever is your end goal, at the end of the day you need a WHY.

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