Rakshit Soral

Let me tell you a bit about me

I am a 26 year old accidental Engineer turned Digital Marketer -- who possess a natural flair for being able to drive organic and paid conversions through Content Marketing funnels, SEO, Influencer relationships, and Pay-per click campaigns(PPC).

I grew up as a shy, underconfident and timid boy in my hometown, Chittorgarh (Rajasthan). After completing my Senior Secondary Education (12th, PCMC), I went on to pursue a bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.

During my time spent at Kota, I learned some people skills, made some good friends, enjoyed my life as a bachelor. Attending classes each day, being completely independent for the first time, living and enjoying with new friends -- it's not everyday you get such an opportunity.

The "Real" Life

It was my college life which changed me as a person. I learned how to being independent, cook delicious food, do my personal chores etc. After completing my bachelors degree was the time for me to get a job, become financially independent (I was dependent on my parents till my college), live life on my terms etc. I juggled between few jobs, brushed-up my computer skills, own a blog and got a job as an online marketer.

Switching jobs, brushing-up my skills, and changing places has allowed me to develop a clarity of thoughts (atleast what I am capable to do and what I not. Sigh!).

Cutting to the chase

Let's not beat around the bushes and get straight to the 'Why': Why this blog? When I first created my website, I failed to stick to it due to the habit of procastination and not keeping up the pace.

I am sure, you might've heard this for a number of times: our whole life goes revolves studying, getting a good job, getting married, planning family and what not. We all get so much caught in the rat race that we care lesser to make a life that makes us grow as a person. This is the direction I'm aiming to take this blog. My goal with this website is to experiment, learn, make notes and share the results with others. And I hope to stick with it for a longer period of time.

I'd love if you be the first one to join me on my Journey. Head over to the 'contact' page and send me a message. Or subscribe to my Blog as I am going to share whatever I've learned as a professional and a person. Cheers!